June 21, 2013

Trading in the Mazda 2 - Aftermarket Part Out

Corksport Short Shift Plate - $49.00   SOLD!
Corksport Front Strut Bar - $90.00  SOLD!
Corksport Front Sway Bar - $150.00
Corksport Rear Torsion Bar - $70.00    SOLD!
Corksport Crankshaft Pulley - $149.00  SOLD!
Corksport Short Ram Intake - $120.00  SOLD!
Corksport Cold Air Duct - $50.00   SOLD!
Corksport Adjustable Struts - $325.00  SOLD!
Corksport Antenna - $20.00
Racing Beat Power Pulse Exhaust - $190.00 SOLD!
H&R Sport Springs - $150.00  SOLD!
(6) 15 x 7 +27 Kosei K1 Racing Wheels + (4) 205/50/15 Yokohoma S.drives - $900.00    SOLD!

Mazda 2 Dash Kit - $45.00

Pioneer Avic F700BT Navi - $250.00  SOLD!

Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III Retrofitted Headlights (D2S) - $320.00 + Trade for Stock Headlights   SOLD!

OEM Foglights + Switch (Sport model) - $300.00

Pictures will be posted soon! Please contact me I am open to offers!

May 23, 2013

Corksport Adjustable Struts and Shocks

Another Corksport product post, and in no way is that a bad thing!

I called Corksport and talked to Joel (who I met in person and is a really cool guy and knows his sh#t).  I told him I was looking at the struts and shocks for awhile now deciding between those or holding off for coilovers maybe next year.  He answered all questions regarding improvement on daily driving as well as big improvements on the autocross track.

Installation was a breeze, the rears maybe took 10 minutes per corner, and the fronts were easy as well, but took a bit longer due to having to compress the spring and swap them over to the new struts.  If you keep up with my blog you would know that I already had H&R springs and reused them on these struts (even though I would like to support Corksport more and try out their new springs that weren't available when I bought springs).

I did run into one issue, which was the Corksport Strut tower bar and adjustment knobs on the front struts interfered with each other. After calling Corksport I found out that there had been a revised front strut bar and that I had the first original design.  They suggested I put notches where the knobs were hitting and that was exactly what I did.  For all of you looking to get these products, you wont have this problem with the new bar so do not worry!

Impressions - Well, at first I put them on full soft and went for a spin, and man do they feel much more comfortable than the lowering springs on stock struts. Bumps were not as bad and it could def be a great daily drive for my 1 hour commute to work now.

When I got back I wanted to play around with the settings a bit. Which reminds me to share ease of adjustment.  The fronts are easily adjusted with the knobs in the engine bay, the rears you have to jack the car up just a slight bit, enough to stick your arm in the wheel well to reach the adjustment knobs in the rear.  I set the fronts 4 clicks from soft and the rears about 50% stiff, and I could actually put up with it for a daily drive.  It is stiffer, but it just feels more solid over bumps than the stock struts were.

Any questions about installation or just the struts and shocks themselves let me know!  I will say I am super happy about them and they do not break the bank either at $399 for the set.

Corksport Strut Shock Page

April 26, 2013

Upcoming Events!

Here are a list of events and Auto-X that I plan to attend this summer: 

May 4 ~ Orange County Choppers All Mazda Meet

May 18 ~ Spring Kangamangus Hwy Cruise

June 29 ~ Renegade Miata Autocross
July 13 ~ Renegade Miata Autocross
July 27 ~ Renegade Miata Autocross
August 1 ~ Renegade Miata Autocross
September 28 ~ Renegade Miata Autocross
October 26 ~ Renegade Miata Autocross

April 14, 2013

DIY - Mazda2 OEM Foglight Install

After seeing the lights with the new retrofit, I had no choice but to order the OEM foglight kit to complete the front end look. I was able to call up a local mazda dealer who so happened to be putting an order in for next day delivery. The installation was probably a total of 20 minutes. I even painted the round ring inserts flat black to match the rest of the cover.  Below will be a DIY since the forums have alot of questions about installing the OEM fogs on a sport model.  FOR ALL OF YOU WHO ASKED IF THE SPORT MODEL IS PREWIRED FOR OEM FOGLIGHTS, THE ANSWER IS YES!!!!